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Support / Support Overview

Date Requested: Jul 20 2024 2:49 PM

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We hope you find our Support section helpful. If you need immediate assistance, please call the Northern Natural Gas Helpdesk at (866) 810-5268.

  • Agreements / Forms

    Application and agreement forms to access request of service(s) on Northern

  • Allocation of Capacity Overview

    Northern‚Äč allocates transportation capacity on its pipeline to ensure integrity of the pipeline. The process to allocate the capacity is reviewed in this section along with allocation group maps relating to the Market and Field Area groups

  • Application Support

    Application support and technical information for access to Northern's business applications

  • Change Northern Password

    Change your password here

  • Contact Us

    Contact listing for application support, customer service, marketing and operations personnel

  • Contract Cross Reference (DUNS Lookup)

    Company DUNS and contract number information

  • Customer Presentations

    Presentations made by Northern of interest to customers

  • EDI Services

    If your company is interested in becoming an EDI trading partner

  • Feedback Form

    Northern values your business and is always willing to provide the assistance necessary to ensure you have your questions resolved as quickly as possible. For general comments, inquiries, or suggestions please submit our Feedback Form

  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

    Frequently asked questions regarding new or existing services provided by Northern

  • Notification and Security Administration

    Upon submission, the following forms will provide users the ability to receive email notifications and view security access for Northern's business applications

  • Training Materials

    Provides user information and manuals for use of Northern's online business application