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Gas Quality / Biomethane Operating Guidelines

Date Requested: Jul 20 2024 2:59 PM

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The Biomethane Guidelines (revised from time-to time) below, provide the actions required for the initial and ongoing acceptance of biomethane gas into Northern Natural Gas' system. Pursuant to Section 44 of the General Terms and Conditions of Northern’s FERC Gas Tariff, all gas to be received into the Northern pipeline system shall conform to the specifications listed. Specification 44(a) states, “gas (received from shippers) shall be commercially free from objectionable odors, solid matter, dust, gums and gum-forming constituents, or any other substance which might interfere with the merchantability of the gas, or cause injury to or interference with proper operation of the lines, meters, regulators, or other appliances through which it flows.” By incorporation, these Biomethane Guidelines are in addition to Northern’s FERC Gas Tariff gas quality requirements for gas received into Northern’s system indicated under the “Gas Quality>Requirements” section of this website.​​​