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Rates / DDVC Rates

Date Requested: Jun 25 2024 9:48 AM

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 Daily Delivery Variance Charges (DDVC) Structure

DDVC Penalty (higher of existing fixed-rate or index multiple) Existing Fixed-Rate Index Multiple

Standard Days (no SOL, SUL or Critical Day)

  • DDVC


Maximum TI Rate


No Index Pricing

System Overrun Limitation (SOL)

  • Punitive
  • Positive (5%)





Critical Day

  • Punitive Level II
  • Punitive Level I (additional 5%)
  • Positive (Next 3%)
  • Positive (First 2%)





System Underrun Limitation (SUL)

  • Negative





Index – The highest published Platts “Gas Daily" Midpoint price on the applicable day at any of the applicable index points of:

Market Area – Northern, demarc and Northern, Ventura ;  or

Field Area – Panhandle, Tx.-Okla. and El Paso, Permian.

Refer to the charts located in the DDVC and SMS Information section on the Training Materials webpage for examples of the Daily Delivery Variance Charges (DDVCs) structure as defined in Northern's tariff sheet No. 53.​​​​

 DDVC Rates

Gas DayLocationStandardSystem Underrun Limitation (SUL)System Overrun Limitation (SOL)Critical Day
NegativePositivePunitivePositive (First 2%)Positive (Next 3%)Punitive Level IPunitive Level II
No records to display.
  • Applicable Standard rate is the Market Area interruptible rate including the ACA unit surcharge and electric compression commodity rate.
  • All rates, with the exception of the Standard rate, are the greater of the fixed-rate or the highest published Platts “Gas Daily" Midpoint price on the applicable day at any of the applicable index points, which is Northern, Demarc and Northern, Ventura for the Market Area or Panhandle, Tx.-Okla. and El Paso, Permian for the Field Area, times the appropriate multiple pursuant to Sheet No. 53 in Northern's FERC Gas Tariff.


​The information provided represents anticipated rates to illustrate DDVC charge calculations. Actual rate may vary pursuant to Northern's tariff.​