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Transactional Reporting / Interruptible Transportation

Date Requested: Jun 26 2019 1:17 AM
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Northern Natural Gas Company
Open the calendar popup.
Open the calendar popup.

No data was found for viewing or downloading matching your query for Gas Day(s): 6/27/2019

  • New or amended contracts effective for tomorrow's gas day that are executed after 10:30 a.m. (CCT) will be reported on the next day's posting.
  • Subject to capacity availability, interruptible agreements have the right to transport gas at any receipt or delivery point on the Transporter's system. Refer to Point Location List.
  • All interruptible agreements receive the Interruptible Posted Rates that are in effect each month for selected points. Refer to TI Rates.
  • Refer to Matrix Rates under Rates to determine the applicable maximum and minimum Field Area - MID commodity rates.
  • Location Area is intentionally left blank for Northern's Field/Market Demarcation point.
  • Please use legal-sized paper and landscape page settings to print this document.