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Support / EDI Services

Date Requested: Jan 17 2022 9:34 PM

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EDI is a computer-to-computer exchange of documents between companies. The benefits of using EDI include the elimination of redundant data entry and increased accuracy of data.

If your company is interested in becoming an EDI trading partner with Northern, submit completed copies of the EDI Trading Partner Agreement and Trading Partner Worksheet to Micki Hoffee via email: If you have any additional EDI questions or comments concerning Northern's EDI services, please contact Micki Hoffee at (402) 398-7653 or via e-mail.

 Minimum Technical Characteristics for EDM Communications

When used in reference to EDM communications, the term SSL may refer to either Secure Socket Layer (SSL) or Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocols. Trading partners should seek to utilize the latest generally available versions of SSL or TLS within 9 months of such version becoming available.

The following ports may be used by EDM developers and should b​e made available in user environments.

Allowable TCP Ports (not UDP ports):

  • HTTP1 HTTPS 801, 443, 5713, 6112, 6304, 6874, 7403
  • ICA®1 1494
  • Java®2 Telnet 31415
  • RMI (Java®2) 1099-1100
  • SMTP 25


1To ensure that Northern's environments are using the latest security processes and protocols, port 80 has been disabled. Additionally, Northern's EDI servers only allow TLS 1.2 for all EDM communications. Accommodations can be made for trading partners needing to temporarily use port 80.

If you have concerns or experience an interruption of service, please contact Micki Hoffee at 402-398-7653.​​​