EDI Services
Date Requested: May 23 2019 8:23 AM


Another way you may conduct business with Northern is via (Electronic Data Interchange) EDI. EDI is a computer-to-computer exchange of documents between companies. EDI benefits include the elimination of redundant data entry and increased accuracy of downstream data.
If your company is interested in becoming an EDI trading partner with Northern Natural Gas, see the EDI Trading Partner Agreement below, complete and forward to Micki Hoffee. If you have any additional EDI questions or comments concerning NNG's EDI program, please contact Micki Hoffee at (402) 398-7653 or e-mail micki.hoffee@nngco.com.
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 EDI Guides

EDI Trading Partner Worksheet

EDI Trading Partner Agreement

NNG Code Values

874 NMQR – Nomination Quick Response v3.0

874 CRQR – Confirmation Quick Response v3.0

873 SQTS – Scheduled Quantity v3.0

873 SQOP – Scheduled Quantity for Operator v3.0

873 RRFC – Response to Request for Confirmation v3.0

873 RQCF – Request for Confirmation v3.0

873 NMST – Nomination v3.0

867 MSIN – Measurement Information v3.0

867 MAUS – Measured Volume Audit Statement v3.0