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Date Requested: May 23 2019 8:23 AM

Northern has firm and interruptible transportation services, storage services, as well as other transportation related services that are available to customers as a reliable and flexible supply source to meet short-and long-term market demands.

Northern's system includes three underground natural gas storage facilities and two liquefied natural gas storage facilities, with a total firm service and operational storage capacity of 79 billion cubic feet.

Northern and its commercial staff is committed to proactively working with our customers to discuss business needs and define solutions. Northern doesn't just deliver natural gas -- we deliver solutions, tools and resources that improve the businesses of our customers.

See the links below to find out more or contact a Northern account representative regarding Northern's transportation and storage services.

 Firm Transportation
Interruptible Transportation
Transportation Related Services
Storage Services
Interruptible Liquefaction and Delivery Service (ILD)