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Protecting What Really Matters​
​The Iowa One Call center partnered with Northern Natural Gas to develop this damage prevention video. The incident in review took place near Hinton, Iowa in April, 2012. Although the events took place in Iowa, viewers from every state can learn valuable lessons from this video. Northern Natural Gas employees and the aerial patrol pilot discuss their observations and reactions to the event. The video stresses the importance of protecting what really matters such as family, the community and the land by simply calling 811 before every digging project. Agricultural related excavations such as drain tiling, chisel plowing, sub-soiling, setting posts, soil sampling, drilling wells, terracing and waterway projects all require a call to your state’s one call center before excavation begins. To view this video, please click on the link below. Approximate viewing time: 10 minutes (2013)
Protecting What Really Matters - Windows Media Player
​Pipeline Safety. Working Together for a Safe Excavation
This video is sponsored by the Pipeline Association for Public Awareness (PAPA) and provides an overview of key pipeline safety fundamentals. The narrator provides details about the one call process and how important it is to call 811 two to three business days (depending on state law) before every digging project. Required components of pipeline marker signs are shown. Various types of pipeline products are reviewed along with common characteristics for each. The video describes signs of a pipeline release and how critical it is to get away from the leak, then notify 911 and the pipeline company from a safe distance and keep others away as well.
Pipeline Safety. Working Together for a Safe Excavation  - YouTube
Living Safely With Natural Gas Pipelines
This video examines the safe delivery and characteristics of natural gas. It will educate viewers how to:
 ​ Recognize and react to a pipeline emergency.
 ​ Report an emergency to the company.
 ​ Report an emergency to the appropriate emergency responders and public officials.
Additionally, the video reviews how to reduce and eliminate pipeline damages caused by third-party excavations by the proper use of the “call before you dig” process by notifying your local one-call center. The video is introduced by the president of Northern Natural Gas.
To view this video, please click on the link below. Approximate viewing time: 24 minutes. (2004)
​Living Safely With Natural Gas Pipelines - Windows Media Player
The Hudson, Iowa, Pipeline Incident

The accident described in this video occurred in Hudson, Iowa, on November 4, 1982. This serves as the framework to demonstrate the tragic consequences of incomplete or misunderstood communications between pipeline operators such as Northern Natural Gas and contractors excavating around pipelines and pipeline facilities. The video concludes by explaining that excavation-damage prevention begins with everyone who plans to excavate to do so by notifying the appropriate one-call center in their state. To view this video, please click on the link below. 
Approximate viewing time: 29 minutes (2006)

The Hudson, Iowa, Pipeline Incident - Windows Media Player

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