State One Call Information
Date Requested: May 23 2019 8:20 AM


Before you begin any excavation project, use your state One-Call Center. This service is available to you, free of charge, so that you can proceed safely with any digging, trenching, blasting, excavating, drilling, plowing, boring, augering and grading. Never guess where a pipeline is located.

If you ever damage or hit a Northern Natural Gas pipeline, no matter how minor the contact may seem, call Northern Natural Gas immediately so we can assess the damage. Before excavating, please call your state One Call Center.

Northern owns facilities in twelve states noted below.

Click on the state to be directed to that specific One Call web site or call the toll free number provided if you plan to dig. 

Illinois 800-892-0123
Iowa 800-292-8989
Kansas 800-344-7233
Michigan 800-482-7171
Minnesota 800-252-1166
Nebraska 800-331-5666
New Mexico 800-321-2537
North Dakota 800-781-7471
Oklahoma 800-522-6543
South Dakota 800-781-7474
Texas 800-344-8377
Wisconsin 800-242-8511


Dial 811
Anywhere in the country