In accordance with Section 26 of the General Terms and Conditions of Northern’s FERC Gas Tariff, the following is Northern’s Long-Term Unsubscribed Capacity Report by Point by Day. The unsubscribed capacity listed is for informational purposes, and can change at any time, without notice, due to firm requests and changes in operating conditions. This capacity is available in accordance with the rates, terms, and conditions of Northern’s FERC Gas Tariff. Northern is not required to execute any contract for service at less than maximum rates.

Delivery point capacities for Market Area delivery points are based on an hourly flow rate of 16 hours per day, except as provided in the following "Hourly Points" document. Point capacities for Field Area points are based on a 24 hour flow rate.

Requests will be processed in the order they are received.

For unsubscribed capacity that has not been awarded, if multiple requests are received then the capacity will be awarded to the best bid, portions of bids, or combination of bids that result in the highest total net present value (NPV) of reservation revenue to Northern on a per unit of capacity basis. This will be determined by discounting the cash flow (using the FERC interest rate) generated from the transportation rate multiplied by the quantity for each day bid and then dividing the net present value by the maximum daily quantity bid. The NPV calculation shall include only revenues generated by the reservation rate or a guaranteed throughput quantity. In the event equivalent offers are submitted, the capacity will be awarded pro rata to the equal bidders.

Shippers are responsible for assuring that necessary capacity on the upstream and downstream pipelines has been arranged so its quantities will be confirmed during the nomination and scheduling process. Northern does not guarantee that pressures will be adequate to effectuate such receipts and deliveries.

The points listed have unsubscribed capacity for firm service for the day as indicated in Dekatherms. The capacity listed is the capacity available for that day. This capacity may be further limited by group and or path constraints. This website provides the following information regarding unsubscribed capacity:

Northern will not sell this capacity or grant realignment requests under the TFX Rate Schedule until it has been posted for 1 hour.

Unless posted otherwise, Northern will not sell this capacity or grant realignment requests for unsubscribed capacity except as set forth below:

Northern will sell both receipt and delivery capacity at any physical or non-physical bi-directional point on a service agreement to the extent such capacity is available.

Northern may, from time to time, offer discounted or negotiated rates for transportation service. Shippers interested in transacting in the daily market and receiving information on potential rates should contact your customer service and business development representative. Also, contact your customer service and business development representative for additional information on capacity availability. For a listing of representatives please see - Contact Us.